Duo-Flow® Short Term Hemodialysis Catheters

Pediatrics Long Term Short Term PORTS PICCS CVC Peritoneal Accessories

Duo-Split® Hemo-Cath® ST 400XL Free Flow® ST Duo-Flow® Soft-Line® T-3 Tri-Flow® Femoral Subclavian Continuous SLX

Features & Benefits
  • Thermosensitive polyurethane material softens after insertion for increased patient safety.
  • Raulerson IJ Catheter has a unique pre-formed curve that overcomes patient discomfort and significantly decreases the risk for infections, compared with straight catheters.
  • Coaxial catheter design allows for improved flow rates and outcomes, when compared with standard double “D” dual lumen catheters.
  • MRI compatible.
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