400XL Short Term Hemodialysis Catheters


Duo-Split® Hemo-Cath® ST 400XL Free Flow® ST Duo-Flow® Soft-Line® T-3 Tri-Flow® Femoral Subclavian Continuous SLX

Features & Benefits
  • The advantages of high flow in Duo-Flow design.
  • Coaxial internal lumen design.
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Medcomp® 400XL Catheters

400XL Catheters are Available in Multiple Configurations Satisfy any patient's need with a choice of Curved Extension, Pre-Curved Lumen, or Straight Lumen configurations.

Medcomp® 400XL Catheter depth markings

Curved Extensions provide greater patient comfort by positioning the extensions out of the way of the patient's
head and neck movement.

Medcomp® 400XL Catheter tip with 360-degree side holes

Tapered Tip helps to reduce vessel trauma and provides an easier insertion.

360o Arterial Ports help eliminate vessel occlusion.

Medcomp® 400XL Max Barrier tray

Max Barrier Traysensure improved satisfaction from nurses, physicians, and patients.
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Medcomp® 400XL Catheters
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