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Pediatric Dignity® Mini

Features & Benefits
  • Titanium body in mid-size, low profile, and mini sizes allows up to 5cc/sec power injection of contrast media for diagnostic imaging.
  • New Contrivance Locking Mechanism universally secures catheter to port stem.
  • Low profile, reduced width and ergonomic shape help minimize incision & port pocket size while improving aesthetics, ease of access, and patient comfort.
  • Radiopaque ink allows “CT” to be visualized under X-ray to confirm power injectability.
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Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Port low profile with tapered tail

Low Profile Port Body improves overall cosmesis & patient comfort,
while maintaining the highest level of performance.

Tapered tail aids in the tissue dissection process, creating
a tighter port pocket which helps prevent flipping.

Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Port locking collar

Contrivance Locking Mechanism secures the catheter to the port stem, allowing a
variety of French sizes to accomodate different patient sizes.

Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Port X-ray view of CT Marking

"CT" Marking visible on X-ray. Printing with radiopaque ink allows
X-ray confirmation of
power injection capability.

Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Port raised rim for easy palpation

Raised Rim Around the Septum provides a clear tactile response during palpation,
assisting the care giver in easy septum location.

Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Port large septum to body ratio

Large Septum to Body Ratio allows high efficiency in this smallest of power
injectable ports. The small size and tapered shape gives a gradual external appearance for maximum comfort & a minimal port pocket.

Medcomp® Dignity® Titanium CT Ports
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