X-Series Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters


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Features & Benefits
  • Designed for upper abdominal or presternal placement.
  • Provides an option to patients who would otherwise not be candidates for peritoneal dialysis, including but not limited to those with obesity, floppy abdominal skin folds, and intestinal stomas.
  • MRI compatible design consists of two 15F Silicone catheters joined by a titanium barbed connector, ending in a coil to ensure gentle, adequate treatment.
  • 64cm catheter can be trimmed to accommodate all patients.
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Medcomp® X-Series PD Cath Connector

Titanium barbed connector securely joins the two catheter segments
for upper abdominal or presternal placement.

Made from titanium and silicone, this product
is fully MRI compatible.

Medcomp® X-Series PD Cath Coil

Coiled catheter end segment delivers dialysate fluids gently and comfortably
into the body.

Large, strategically placed side holes for increased flow
and reduced incidence of omental occlusion.

Medcomp® X-Series PD Cath Luer

One-piece female luer adaptor makes connections simple and manageable.

See our Site Care page for information on
agent compatibility.

Medcomp® X-Series PD Cath Cuffs

"Fuzzy Cuffs" on both sides of the connector facilitate
secure tissue in-growth to help prevent infections.

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Introducing X-Series

Medcomp® X-Series PD Catheter
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