Max Barrier PICC Kits

Pediatrics Long Term Short Term PORTS PICCS CVC Peritoneal Accessories

Pro-PICC® Valved Pro-PICC® Vascu-PICC® Valved Vascu-PICC® Max Barrier Kits Midline

Pediatric Vascu-PICC®

max barrier picc kits

for nurses. by nurses.

Safe, reliable, and easy-to-use Max Barrier PICC Kits significantly reduce the risk of infection and ensure improved satisfaction from nurses, physicians, and patients.


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Prep & Safety Precautions

Patient Information & Reporting

Site Selection & Maximum
Barrier Precautions

Catheter Insertion

Prep & Safety Precautions

*Max Barrier precautions have shown to reduce bloodstream infections by 68%. [reference]

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