Hemo-Flow® Long Term Hemodialysis Catheters


Split Cath® Split Cath® RG Split Stream® Eschelon™ Bio-Flex® Tesio® Titan HD™ Hemo-Flow® Hemo-Cath® LT Symetrex CVC Catheter®

Pediatric Split Cath®

Features & Benefits
  • 14.5F, 15.5F
  • Polyurethane
  • Step Tip
  • Straight, Pre-Curved Configurations
  • Antegrade Insertion Type
  • Double "D" Internal Lumen Design
    Medcomp® Hemo-Flow® and Hemo-Flow® XF catheters allow vascular access in patients requiring hemodialysis or apheresis who do not have functional permanent vascular access or are not candidates for permanent vascular access. The catheter can act as a bridge device until permanent access, if applicable, is matured and ready for use, or until kidney transplantation.
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