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Features & Benefits
  • Cuff placement available at either 2cm or 5cm from hub.
  • Helps preserve peripheral veins for future access via primary AV fistula.
  • Thermosensitive, polyurethane material is both alcohol and iodine compatible. (site care)
  • MRI compatible.
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Medcomp® Vascu-Line® Extensions

The Cuffed CVC Line is suggested for use instead of a PICC
where possible, to preserve veins
for future access.

See our download of the
AVF Fistula First
Breakthrough Initiative

Medcomp® Vascu-Line® Cuff Placement

Cuff placement at 2cm or 5cm from hubChoose the 2cm placement to leave less catheter
exposed when using a smaller tunnel track.

When using a larger tunnel track,
choose the 5cm placement.

Medcomp® Vascu-Line® and Competitor Cross Sections

Cross Section ComparisonMedcomp® offers equal flow rates to competitors,
with a smaller outer diameter (French Size).

Flow rates up to 31.5cc/min Download our clinical wall chart
for more complete info.

Medcomp® Vascu-Line® Material

Thermosensitive Polyurethanecatheter composition provides kink-resistance,
and compatibility with both alcohol and iodine.

See our Site Care page
for more information on
agent compatibility.

KDOQI Guidelines

KDOQI: Clinical Practice Guidelines Patients and healthcare professionals should be
educated about the need to preserve veins...

PDF Download AVF Fistula First
Breakthrough Initiative

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